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Wildly Creative. Passionate. Profitable.

That’ll be you once we create your beautiful 
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Artists come waving their paintbrushes at me 
& throwing glitter
as soon as they're ready...

... to stop rushing to fulfill orders on Sundays and paying Etsy’s outrageous fees.

No more hustling on IG and Facebook or feeling like your kids are growing up around you instead of with you

If you can master international shipping to Canada without burning a hole in your PayPal
& navigating the GDPR rules without saying, "that's it!" and shutting down shipping to your European customers...

You can confidently create a Shopify site that gets you PAID.

Self-Proclaimed Shopify Nerd:

Hey there, I’m Mel

An Ontario-based Shopify fangirl (+ former employee),
new-found lover of sushi and borderline-obsessed with helping powerhouse female artists & artisans build the Shopify store of their dreams so they can go from uncertainty to selling out while doing what they love.

Including my own handmade business, which I was able to 4x my income in two months and create a
two-year-long waiting list for my artwork.

It's kinda my jam!

Want to know a bit more? 

I also love dogs, like please don’t even get me started... Or do. I love adorable distractions. 

So much love

from some of my favourite people...

Janet R.B.

Melissa was instrumental in helping me launch my new website. If you want to get your website up quickly, this is the way to do it!

Angelina S.

Melissa is so down to earth and explains things in a super easy to understand way.  I was completely overwhelmed and now it makes sense.

Scarlett R.

Whether speaking with her or having her do the work, I know Melissa will always understand my vision and make it come to life in a way I couldn't even imagine.

How I Help Talented Artists Create Sustainable
Income with Shopify

(and build the website of their dreams)

Sold Out Shopify Stores

Want to draw your ideal clients into the wonderful world of your website?

Finally, create the perfect user experience for your DREAM clients without feeling like tech
& time are beating you down.

Maybe you already have a Shopify website started but you’re ready to create something
that feels like YOU, makes your heart sing and your customers run for their credit cards.

Well, duh. But, how?

Let's make it simple.

With easy-to-follow strategies and my belly-burning desire to see you succeed
& smash the starving-artist stigma once and for all, you can find success on Shopify.

(I’ve even been called a “mind reader” when building Shopify sites for my clients)

Had you at “sold out”?

Let’s chat about getting started.