I Gotta Brag on My Friend For a Sec, Kay?

I haven’t written a blog in a long time. Like, ages.

But sometimes inspiration comes to you when you least expect it, like while you’re researching how to roast potatoes in the oven because you’re a Millennial, and that’s what you do. So you’re driven to open up Google Docs and get to typin’. That’s my day, how’s your day going?

And I’m not here to share some fantastic thing I found on Google or a sneak peek that was pinged by my Shopify Slack group to share with you. No, no friends, it’s much better. 

I want to share something about business building, regarding the ups and downs, the really good times and the “wth am I doing?” times. So I’m taking a minute on this little old platform of mine to brag on someone who has helped me through thick and thin in my business and in my life. Helped me when I didn’t want to get out of bed and on days where I couldn’t contain ideas and jumped on Messenger with, "WE NEED TO TALK NOW! SO MANY IDEAS BREWING". 

My friend is talented, she’s a bloody wizard, and I say this often, but it’s true. The way in which her brain takes ideas and translates it into imagery is a form of communication I don’t think many people can appreciate, let alone ever understand. Sometimes I find it hard to describe it, and I’m a designer too. Her skills are far beyond what I could ever imagine was possible until she created my first brand.

And she’s passionate about helping women succeed, fiery even, some would say, and being in her energy is like getting lit up from the inside out. 

And most of all, and often to a fault, she is a giver. I have never been around someone who gives so much of her time, her money and her energy- her BEING to others. Whether it’s saving animals left abandoned and abused by other humans or taking on one. more. cat. Just because why not? To jump on that Messenger call with me, all lit up like a lightbulb when she didn’t sleep the night before and do it all without asking for anything in return.

My friend is Lena Gosik-Wolfe, and if you don’t know her I hope now you can get an idea of who she is, at least the small glimpse into who I see her as and who she is for me.

She is a brand designer, a fur mama and a badass business owner. No matter who she meets, she leaves a lasting impact, whether through design or just a sense of being “gotten”. She pours her heart into each project and her soul, sweat (and I’ve seen, even blood, sometimes) into helping her clients achieve the greatness she envisions for their business, even if they can’t see it quite clearly yet themselves. And she has faith that one day everyone will and rise up to what's possible for themselves and their businesses.

My sharing here comes from feeling grateful to know someone so powerful, who lifts others up and deserves her own ounce of faith and being gotten by others. So if you don’t know Lena, that’s my introduction for you to her.

If you are a business owner, have a passion for creating a legacy and know you NEED a powerhouse supporter, this is the woman you must have in your business however that may look right now. → Check out Lena's work and get in touch at Lena Designs Studio.


I share this because in business, doing it alone is often the way in which we go about things, especially as women. We bottle, we compartmentalize, we make ourselves wrong for feeling low/sad/upset.

So I wish for you all a Lena in your life, even if it's to ask, "do you know what temp. to set the oven to for roasting potatoes?" or the harder asks like, "I really need help.", "I'm feeling angry", or just plain, "I'm having a hard day, can we talk for a minute?" and have someone say yes, no matter what.


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