Planning & Prep for 2019

Hey Shopi-peeps,

I LOVE PLANNING. So much so that I plan things so thoroughly, by the time it gets to taking action, I'm over the idea. Oops.

That is, until I learned a new way of planning. It may seem odd to plan this way but I swear it works like magic. What we're going to do is actually look at the Holiday season of 2019 (yes, next year-- that's not a typo!) and work backwards until today. Say what!?

So standing in mid December 2019, what have you accomplished? Look at what you want to accomplish, not what you need to do or have to do. This is not a to-do list.

For me, standing in mid December 2019, I'll have launched my tutorials platform, have 5 podcasts, have posted 25-30 Instagram & Facebook posts a month and have upped my viewership by 80%. These are big goals for me! SCARY GOALS and that's exactly what I want you to look at. Like, "how the heck am I going to do this?" type goals.

So write down at least 3 for yourself. 

Now, if you break down your year into quarters, you're going to want to look at the milestones for accomplishing those goals for each quarter. What will need to have happened for these goals to be successful at each milestone?

i.e. for me to have 5 podcasts launched by December 2019, I'm going to need to have recorded my podcasts in the third quarter, half recorded at least 3 by the second quarter and have found my guests by the end of the first. So I'm working backwards from December 2019 to now to see what is required to be successful, vs. looking from today forward. 


This allows me to break each task down into smaller and less overwhelming sections. Then between each Milestone, I write out the weeks and add in what actions I need to take from that milestone backwards. From milestone 1 back to today in the next few weeks. 

I hope this is helpful for you. If you have a different way to plan out your year, what do you do? If you're not a planner, how do you plan to stay organized this year?

Let us know below in the comments, how do you plan and what are your goals for 2019!





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