Tip O' The Day To You | Tip #001 Bulk Editor

Hey Shopify-ers,

Er... Shopiferts? Shopiflets? Hmm. Those names are not great. So, I'll come back to that. If you have a better name, let me know! If someone really nails the name, I'll spend 30 minutes with you chatting about your Shopify website or your business. ;) ;)

Okay, so getting to it. Today I wanted to share with you a really awesome tip. What makes it awesome? Well, it'll save you a heckload of time and it's not something many people know how to do. So below, I've made you a short little video on how to take your Bulk Editing capabilities to a whole 'notha level.


For those that aren't able to watch the video, what we're really doing is working with the built in Bulk Editor in Shopify to mass edit products. Thank you to my wonderful client for allowing my to use her products as Guinea Pigs. 

To do this, you'll go into your Products section of your Admin, select the products you'd like to work or click the box pictured below:

From here click "edit products". This opens the Bulk Editor.

From here, you can add and remove the fields you'd like to work on and edit by clicking "Add fields" or clicking the "x" button beside the preset options that appear when you open the Bulk Editor.

Why this can save you so much time is that you can select multiple items at once by clicking the first cell in a column, holding shift and then clicking the last cell in a column you would like to edit. If you uncheck one option, it will unselect all cells. You can do this with weights as well. If you'd like to only select certain cells to edit, you can do this by clicking the first cell and then hold command (Mac) or control (PC) and click the rest of the cells you'd like to edit. 

**Be sure to only edit the last cell you've selected (it will have a thicker outline) like shown below**:

That's it! This is a fast way to update and edit multiple products and variants at once. 

Let me know if you have any questions and if you'd like help in setting up your store, we're always a conversation away. Email me at melissa@gurus4you.com to see if we can help get your store to that next level!



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