Meet Melissa!

Once upon a time there was a girl named Melissa, who worked for a super cool company called Shopify.

Every day she would wake up, make a tea, hop online and get to speak with Merchants from all over the world about various topics about the Shopify platform.

She met tons of interesting and passionate entrepreneurs each day and learned a lot about building a business, the struggles of small and large businesses using the platform and gained a huge heap of gratitude, patience and knowledge.

Every day she would answer email inquiries, chat and call with merchants; some super happy and some... not so happy, and that was okay!

She would finish her shifts and work on her own business, painting pet portraits and sculpting and shipping out orders across the world.

But then one day she jumped on a call with a merchant who changed everything. 

"Hi, I sell handmade products. I love Shopify and I need your help!"

The Merchant was so passionate, energized and creative in her approach of how to make her business go from struggling to wildly successful that Melissa couldn't help but spend 3 hours with her on the phone! She was hooked!

Because of that conversation a dream and calling started to form.

Gurus 4 You!

Until finally, Melissa left Shopify and from that day forward she would strive to help passionate, energized and creative individuals flourish online by finding their dreams and selling their products on the Shopify platform. 

To date she has helped over 1500 Shopify merchants up their game on the platform by utilizing her skill set for knowing the best tools and apps, SEO tips & tricks, while running on a passion for seeing merchants succeed. Turning window shoppers into loyal customers is her goal for everyone she works with!

Her passion for helping Artisans succeed on Shopify is second only to her love of dogs. Melissa runs her own dog portrait business on Shopify, and loves working with handmade sellers to grow their businesses.

Say hello today by contacting her at melissa@gurus4you.com.