In the Words of Ace of Base:

I Saw the Sign(s)...

You want the Shopify expert who's worked with brands like Nike, Tesla and Kylie Jenner
to help transform your website from "le sigh" to sold out!

That'd be Me! 

Hey, Melissa here. Transforming Shopify sites into money-making machines

(and trying to fit in a good Ace of Base lyric along the way)

With over 6 years of Shopify experience 
& 30 years of experience as an artist
here’s what I know about you:

  • Cookie-cutter ain’t your style. Whether you’re designing beaded jewelry, dreaming up the perfect party supplies or creating furniture to support the causes that matter to you, you need a website that highlights your unique products.

  • Asking for help is totally your style. Finding someone who GETS you and who understands how Makers differ from drop-shippers is important to you. And someone who doesn’t need hand-holding to get it done for you quickly. 

    Bottom line, finding someone you trust to take your baby (your biz) to the next level, is your jam.

  • Creating feeling is your ultimate style. It’s more than just, “here are the products I sell-- Now buy 'em!”.

    You want your website to tell your story, with the right level of oomph, and your big mission at the forefront. 

    No more doing what everyone else is doin'.

“Melissa is a mind reader! She knew EXACTLY how to
build and write my website.”

Talia P.,

Founder image

While other parents were asking, “How soon will you have a 401K?” my dad was teaching me THIS...

Product image

How to be true to myself.

How to do what I loved everyday & make art and being creative a career.

Learning why &
how people tick.

From playing word games
& dissecting psychology experiments around the dinner table, my Mom opened my eyes to the importance of understanding human psychology. 

* Psst...The critical puzzle piece to creating a money-making website.

Product image

When I began 
working for Shopify, with brands like Kylie Jenner, I applied what I saw was making them successful to my OWN Shopify website.

Paired with what my parents taught me growing up, 
I transformed my handmade portrait business.

I became FULLY BOOKED OUT in just 2 months and now I paint when I want to & on demand.

But what you REALLY want to know is
can I help you do this, too?

“Melissa gave my website a facelift and I’m so thrilled with what she’s done. I’ve had great feedback from my customers. She captured exactly what I was looking for!”

Denise P.F.,

Founder image
Founder image

“Timely, friendly and so great to work with. We are thrilled with the outcome of our website!”

Jessica H.,

“I went on maternity leave a year ago and pretty much closed my business down AND I still got sales. THANK you! My site works FOR me while I'm with my kids.”

Jen L.,

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Here's What I Believe:

The fact that you create something from nothing is remarkable.

The person who needs your products
deserves to find you, know you
fall in love with you.

Make a decision right now.

Is your website going to be the go-to place that showcases your uniqueness?


That makes your customers become advocates for you & your products with sold-out launches so you can live that beautiful life?
Sorry, had to sneak one more Ace of Base lyric in there


Are you going to step into discovering how your ideal client ticks?

Because, "artists don’t make moneyis a myth.

It's one that my clients smash every single day.

(peep those testimonials)

Ready to be my next success story?


Besides helping artisans & artists create money-makin’ Shopify sites, you should know a bit about me...

  • I've always loved video games. The stories, the artwork and getting lost in a new world. When I’m not nerding out on Shopify, you’ll find me playing games like Cruisin' USA, Fable or playing couch-coop games with my hubs.
  • I used to run & operate my own tattoo studio. Here I am tattooing my hand on a slow Wednesday in 2012!
  • There is nothing more satisfying to me than Fridays in the summer, at the cottage, with a hammock and a perfectly blended piña colada. (#CanadianAlert)
  • Here's the weirdest photo of me. I once entered a hair competition because #whynot? And was turned into this purple jelly fish.