Favourite Resources

Here's our curated list of our favourite resources for Shopify Merchants, Handmade Makers and Entrepreneurs.

Gurus 4 You was built on passion and partnerships so that we could help handmade makers, artists and artisans get the most out of their Shopify subscription and reach their goals while spending the least amount of money to get there.


Shopify (14 day free trial) - This might be a shocker, I know, but we have worked with Wordpress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, BigCommerce, Etsy and other platforms and believe Shopify is a great and complete option for makers and entrepreneurs. We will always give you an honest appraisal on if Shopify is the best fit for your business and goals.

Not sure if Shopify is right for you? Set up a call with me and we can discover and decide together the best option for you, your brand and your business. 

Etsify (App) - Pulls your products & reviews from your Etsy store and imports them into your Shopify store. We love working with Etsify. It's a no brainer if you're moving over to Shopify from Etsy and have reviews and products you want to move quickly, why not save time and money with Etsify?

Smile.io (App) - Create a rewards program that works for your customers by building loyalty with points, discounts and more!

Bold Product Options (App) - If you need a little something, something more than Infinite Options than Product Options is an amazing option. 

Gsuite (Business email) - The perfect way to take your business from hobby to professional.

Dubsado (Project Management Tool) - Organize Teams, Projects and proposals all in one place.

Clickup (Project and Time Management Tool) - Similar to Asana but oh-so free! This tool is something I use daily. If you are ever feeling overwhelmed (with life, projects, orders, clients, etc.) then Clickup is my biggest recommendation to you.

Out of The Sandbox (Theme Developers) - You'll hear me recommend Out of The Sandbox over and over. Their themes are well developed, smoothly coded and topped off with top-notch customer service. 


OFX (Global Currency Conversion) - Remove the stress and fees of currency conversion with your very own global currency account.

Lena Designs (Branding Services) - Creating a distinct and recognizable brand for your business is  Lena's skills in discovering who your business is talking to are phenomenal. Give this gal a call!