24 Hours to Launch | Self Study Shopify Course

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Learn how to build and manage your dream website in just one weekend.

What would be possible if you had your Shopify store built and launched in just one weekend? 

If you're an entrepreneur looking to expand your business to Shopify and online, this intensive course is designed to help you create a beautiful, functional website from the foundation to launch in one weekend. 

You will go from 0 to launch with the help of Shopify Expert, Melissa Paterson, through interactive activities, questionnaires, and easy-to-follow video tutorials that walk you through the Shopify Admin and backend.

The many benefits of becoming a Shopify Merchant:

  • Take control of your own future rather than relying on Etsy or Facebook Marketplace to keep your business flourishing.
  • Put your eggs in more than one basket and branch out into your own branded website and sell with ease using multiple Sales Channels (Facebook, Pinterest, Amazon, etc*) with a synced inventory.
  • Freedom to design your website to fit both your brand and style.
  • 24/7 Support from Shopify.
  • Hundreds of Apps and Themes to ensure you get the website you've always dreamed of.

In the course, you will look at and create your dream website using the best practices, tested methods and with the support of Melissa, who has helped over 1000 Shopify Merchants succeed through selling their handmade goods using Shopify. And now I want to see you thrive on Shopify!

What you'll need to participate: 

  • A can-do attitude! I promise, if you follow the directions and guidance you CAN get your website up and running in one weekend. I have had great success in getting many entrepreneurs with different technical skill levels up and running quickly. 
  • A budget. I do talk about paid themes and apps and if they apply to your needs. So think about what you can afford at this time or on a monthly basis. The great thing about Shopify is everything you need to get started is available for free and building up later is 100% available to you. (Average additional budget spend is $150-$300)
  • Access to your current Etsy store or a list of your products to work with (a CSV of products).
  • A laptop or desktop computer to work on your website.
  • A burning desire to have a beautiful, functional website!
  • Reliable high-speed internet connection (I love Starbucks, but please don't commit if it's your only internet access at this time. It is not secure and may not support the streaming of videos while also working on your website).
  • A quiet place and the time (one weekend) to go through and implement the material.

What is included in this course:

  • Detailed video guidance from Melissa through step-by-step video instruction.
  • The steps to build a fully functional website that has you ready to sell in one day! Note: if no unforeseen circumstances occur. i.e. Student has technological problems and depends on the number of products you have in your store. 
  • Learn what you need for your website to succeed and what you need to invest in to maximize your sales potential. 
  • Confidence building and culminating skills to not only continue to run your store but be your very own Shopify Guru (You'll know more than the Shopify Support Gurus!).

    You'll accomplish:

    • Defining your brand and ideal client.
    • Choosing a theme for your brand and your products.
    • Learning how to add and edit your products for Google search. 
    • Creating cohesive collections that make your products easy to navigate and purchase.
    • Learning and creating the 5 most important pages for your website.
    • Building and designing your theme and website with your clientele/target market in mind.
    • Discovering which apps are necessary for your business, clients, and products.
    • Setting up your payment provider, your legal documents, shipping, taxes and more.
    • Learning what the best next steps are for your business.
    • Discovering additional ways to share your website and get the right traffic to your site.
    • Choosing the best plan for your business and launching your website!


    The cost for 24 Hours to Launch Self-Study Shopify Course is 497$.00 USD (US Dollars). This price is non-refundable. 

    Please email melissa@gurus4you.com with any questions. 

     * Sales Channel availability is dependant upon Merchant location.  

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