Prepping & Planning Content That Matters Training + Bonus | Digital Download

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 Right to your fingertips, this pack of content includes:

  • My 12-month Content/Sales calendar. This calendar grows with you with a click of a button and doesn't need to be replaced and doesn't ever expire. It's yours to do with as you please forEVER! (Please view the last page of the spreadsheet to see how). It's kinda magic

  • The download to watch this training over and over at your leisure.

  • *Bonus training & spreadsheet: "Day-to-Day Dos" which takes the content you've created in the training to the next level so you can ensure you are not just organized with your content but have all your days DOs neatly organized so nothing gets missed.

Please note: These are instant digital downloads. 

These two things (the content plan and strategy & my day-to-day Dos) in combination have helped me to create freedom in my calendar, spend more time offline than online and get way MORE done in fewer hours. 

It wasn't always this way. I used to stress about tax time, wondering what to post when and where and worry that it wasn't working, all of the time.

With this content creation system in combination with my day-to-day Dos, I'm able to create programs I absolutely love and focus on what I'm really good at instead of wondering what the heck to post and when. Content creation comes so easily because it's everything my perfect people NEED to know and educates, relates and invites them into the process of partnering with me. This way, I never run out of things to share with them because I'm not forcing ideas out of the multiverse, it comes from what they need to know right now, where they are.