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Are your product listings a little blasé? (AKA Blah)

Welp, let's switch that up and infuse a little excitement, wonder and action into your listings. We need to get the people moving.

I get it too, SEO on Shopify can be a time consuming and confusing process. Where the heck do you inject those well-researched keywords to make the biggest impact? 

Not to mention ensuring your ideal client reads it to the end and gets what they NEED to know, without feeling like they're reading a 10-page report on ingredients and really focus on the results of why chamomile really is the next-best secret to relieving stress and tension.

Let me take this off your to-do list and grab one or many of these optimized product listings. Bonus: get them back within 5 business days. 

This package includes:

  • A title that POPS and includes important keywords your ideal clients search for.
  • Adjust URL to fit your new title (remove-any-huge-long-url-they'll-be-afraid-to-click-on).
  • Ensure that keyword-rich content is present throughout each piece of copy.
  • Make 'em say YES to your products or services by focussing on what they'll get by choosing your unique products or services.

    If you're in, choose the number of listings you want and once you checkout you'll receive an email with the next steps. If you don't see it right away double-check your SPAM folder for an email titled "Let's Write Something Beautiful". 

    If you'd like a bigger chunk of listings (more than 10), please send me an email and we can discuss timelines. You can reach me at melissa@gurus4you.com. Happy writing!

    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review Write a review