Turn Up the Traffic | 5-Day Bootcamp

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"I need more traffic" "How do I get more traffic?" "If only I had more traffic I'd make more money"


Your traffic woes are not necessarily due to poor SEO, the wrong photography, a grammar mistake or spelling like u r in 5th grade. It's definitely not because there isn't enough of it out there. It's because the actions you're taking aren't working.

Imagine for a second, it's actually your mind getting in the way.

Imagine for a second that you have access to thousands of people already who would be willing to pay you for your time or WANT your products but your own damn thoughts are getting in the way.

I've seen it myself.

Every. SINGLE. time, I let my own inner voice tell me something won't sell for whatever reason, it doesn't.

On the flip side, every time I tell myself I've created a stellar program (like this one, btw), it flies off the shelf. The same goes for the products I've made. 

We tell ourselves all sorts of nonsense:

"I can't sell it for that price" "No one will pay THAT much for this!" "The market says it's only worth this much"

If your mind is saying no, no, no like Amy Winehouse, why would traffic be streaming to your site? And I'm talking organically here. You know, the good, free, juicy, beautiful traffic you want. 

Inside of Turn Up the Traffic over 5 days we're covering 5 critical points to take your traffic from non-existent to niched down so you can attract customers who are ready to buy because YOU are taking only actions to move them forward. 

Here's the breakdown:

Day 1: What's in your space? Get it out.

  • Looking at what gets in your way, why and how moving beyond it is only hard if you make it.
  • How this impacts your traffic with cold, hard stats.

Day 2: Doing from a place of creation.

  • Choosing newly AKA being the boss of your brain rather than it bossing you around.
  • Creating your new mantra and how it will shape your year going forward.
  • Creating a goal aligned with you, you bad-ass. (Quit saying otherwise). 

Day 3: Being brave and bold. 

  • Doing what you know to do and, even if you don't want to, doing it anyway.
  • Getting honest with your perfect people AND yourself.
  • Getting in front of people. You have to wake people up to get seen, especially in COVID-land.

Day 4: Looking at what's so.

  • Numbers don't have to be scary. We're going to look at what is so with your website numbers and how no matter what, it's the perfect place to start from. Ignorance is NOT bliss when you want to be making more money.
  • Moving forward with tracking numbers, and making it easy. 

Day 5: Do it again.

  • Looking at what will get in your way with keeping this going.
  • How to get past what stops you and keep your eyes on the prize.
  • Creating this as a foundation to build from and not something awesome you did for 5-days and throw away. 
  • Live call Q&A and brainstorming session.


  • 1 1-hour call on Friday, May 22nd, at 11 am EST to ask questions, go over what you are working on and how to bump up your traffic talk to make a greater impact on your customers. 
  • Private Facebook Community for attendees to ask Q's, get support and the daily lessons to move forward with getting the traffic you want. 
  • Early bird bonus (those who sign up by Thursday, midnight EST) will get access to my Creating Content that Matters + Worksheets to take this to a whole 'notha level. 

Doors close this Friday at midnight.