You & Me Website Critique

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You & Me and 60 minutes with your website can make all the difference to your website making more of an impact and more sales.

Ready to get this done together? Let's DO it!

Get in the know on if your site is set up for instant sales success or driving visitors to the exit. It's usually only a few simple tweaks that make the biggest difference in your website doing the work for you.

How we'll get started:

  1. After you hit checkout you'll be sent an email that includes a questionnaire and my calendar. 
  2. Be sure to fill out the Ideal Client Questionnaire first.
  3. Choose the time in my calendar that works the best for you to meet.
  4. Send me over your website link.

That's it!

What you'll get:

  1. Ideas on how to get traffic to your site that you want (no randoms who bounce) who are ready to make a purchase today. 
  2. Where your messaging is confusing or misleading and where you need to add impact to connect with your ideal clients.

** If we don't receive your questionnaire back within 3-5 business days we will contact you once more at the email address you provide at checkout. Unclaimed critiques will expire after 60 days. **