Christmas Craft Markets and Holiday Madness 2018!

Hey Shopi-peeps (is that better?)!


Today I wanted to talk with you all about craft shows.

For those who have been rocking this scene for the last few months (or year), take a minute here and just breathe. Seriously. If this is your moment in your day where you are not hustling to plan, prep, pack and present on your weekends, just take 30 seconds to breathe it all out. You're doing it, it will get done, and you're a rockstar.

People who have never done a vendor show have no idea what goes into making your display look just right, staying up until 3am finishing off inventory, hauling your husband in to help you setup even though it's Football Sunday (thanks Kyle!). ;)

For those who do this week in and week out, through Winter and Summer, take. a. breath. 

This post is short and sweet, it's really just to say that you can do this. How do I know? Because you are doing it! 

My request for you wild Mama's, Boss Babes and Boss Beardos (that's for the guys), is to really look at what you've accomplished this selling season. Whether you've sold $10,000, $1000 or $1, you are doing what so many wouldn't dare to do. 

So thank you for being an inspiration to me, thank you for giving your gifts, passion and talent to the world and thank you for being the calm and collected face at Markets, where madness is being contained, just behind the curtain, in all those boxes you hauled your things in. Take a minute for you each morning, and just breathe.

Rock your markets, shows and season. You've got this!



Let us know in the comments, what has been your greatest accomplishment this year!?

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